Ashley Meah

Developer Sys admin UI Design
UK Flag London, UK

Websites & Apps for startups and corporations

Computer programmer from London, UK with experience in full stack development - I am extremly passionate and self driven. I plan to gain more reach and build relations with others in the industry

Trentbyte | Visit website

Trentbyte is aimed at providing business I.T and technology services and solutions with plans to get into software

Minisocial | Visit website

Minisocial is an 2D multiplayer game aimed at social experience and some tycoon like features in early development


+ 8 years

Design & integration

Web & UI design; HTML, CSS, JS + tools
+ 7 years

Object oriented & API dev

PHP & SQL; RESTful API (XML, JSON) + more
+ 7 years

Deployment & infrastructure

Windows & LAMP setups, game servers, load balancing



I like breaking things and putting them back where they should - or should'nt; LFI, SQLi & overflows as well as reverse engineering

Indie Game-dev

Currently working on an 2D (Isometric) multi-player game, made using MonoGame/OpenGL C# with custom API/Content system using Json and the web



Adapting and creating solutions for customer needs with experience exceeding expectations on customer projects




Passionate about $this; you know we will foreach($projects as $project)